Your registration on modeltab

Registering on ModelTab takes only a few minutes. We advise that you register using a Mac/PC or with an Ipad/Tablets.

To get started, just click on the link "REGISTRATION" and choose the type of account you would like to have.


Here are 2 steps to register:

  STEP 1

Please fill in all information required from the registration page. Ensure that you have read the Terms and Condition and certify that you are above 18 years old.

Your first name, last name and email address are strictly confidential because ModelTab will never publish those information on the Internet.

  STEP 2

You will be prompt to upload your photos on ModelTab (From 1 to 10 photos maximum) by following these 3 steps:
1) Click on the button "Select my photos" and navigate to the picture you would like to upload.
2) Click on the button "Save" to save your photos
3) Finally, click on the button "Finish" to finish the registration process on ModelTab

Our advise for your photos: Try to upload pictures with the following resolution: 450x600 pix and try to avoid pictures bigger than 3Mo. For the file format, ModelTab images system handles most of the common image format (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc). If you encounter an image display issue, it may come from the naming of your file. Please ensure that there are no special characters found in the filename (Example: #, &, §, _, @, $). If it is the case, you will need to change the filename using only alpha and numeric, and re-upload the file using the image management interface accessible from your Dashboard.

After finishing step 2, you will automatically be redirected to your ModelTab Dashboard page with a welcome and first advises pop up window. You can click on the button "GO" to get started

Where to start?

You have just finished signing in and you are on your Dashboard. Here is a link to your dashboard in case:


When you logged in for the first time on your Dashboard, we advise the following:

  Choose your main photo

On the top left corner of your Dashboard, you have a grey rectangle for your main photo. To update your main photo, do as follow:
1) Click on the grey rectangle "Select your main photo"
2) Among your uploaded pictures, choose by clicking on the photo that will be your main photo
3) You can crop the image by resizing the selection area
4) Click on "Finish"

You main photo selected now appears on the top left corner.

You main photo will also appear in the "NEW FACES" section and in the ModelTab search engine.

Note: The choice of your main photo is important because it will be used to show on ModelTab. A user that does not have a main photo will not appear on ModelTab.

  Check out your public profile or ebook

Start by seeing what others see when they visit your public profile. To do so, from your dashboard, click on the "Show" button under the "eBook" section.

Your pictures are displayed (up to 10 for a free account) including your main photo as well. Multiple galleries are available to give the best experience for your visitors.

Your eBook does not contain private information.

  Fill out your informations

Click on the link "Dashboard" to get back to your dashboard. Once you are in your Dashboard, you will have buttons to update your information under the section "INFOS". Try to fill out a maximum of information to get a maximum of reputation points

Your eBook is now ready, check it out!

Note: The section "INFOS" is the most important section for new members because it contains the information displayed on your eBook. The criteria for a search result are based on the information you have entered. For example, if a professional is looking for a person with blue eye and you did not entered this information in your "INFOS", then you will not appear in the search result.

You can also fill up your PRIVATE INFORMATION. According to ModelTab policy, those private informations will remain confidential. They will never be exposed on the Internet.

Note: Fill up your "INFOS" give your more reputation points

  Share on Facebook and start to get Fans

Your eBook in professional format is now ready. It is time to share your ModelTab eBook on Facebook.

Ensure that you are connected on Facebook and click on the button Facebook of your eBook located on the up right corner and share it. Your profile is now published on Facebook account and your friends can access to your eBook with a single click (and why not encourage your friend to click on "I'm Fan" to help you improve your ModelTab reputation)

  Become a sponsor by inviting your friends to join ModelTab

ModelTab offers you the possibility to invite your friends to join the community of ModelTab

To do so, it's simple. Your friends just need to go on your eBook and click on the button "Subscribe with this sponsor".

Once your friends has joined ModelTab, you become their sponsor and obtain numerous advantages (More info in "Become Become SPONSOR " )

  Make friends on ModelTab

It is easy to make new friends on ModelTab. Visit eBook of other models, photographers or agencies/professionals and click on the button "Be Friend" when you feel like it. An invitation to become friend will then be sent.

On the same principle, do not forget to go to your friend section to confirm your friends request accessible from your Dashboard under the section "New Friends"

  Check out your messages on ModelTab

Your ModelTab mailbox will be activated under 24 hours after your first sign in.

Once your mailbox is up and running, you will be able to receive messages from ModelTab members, professionals, etc. Your messages can be accessed through ModelTab Dashboard under the section "Messages"

  Check out the casting and photo shooting ads on ModelTab

To find out the casting and photo shoot offers, just click on the button "Find castings" or "Find photo shoots" under the "Jobs" section on your ModelTab Dashboard.

  Et voilà !

You can now find out all the possibilities ModelTab has to offer.

You can now find out all the possibilities ModelTab has to offer.




You wish to contact ModelTab? Send us your message by email stating your First name, your Sir name and Username :


You have an idea to improve our services, create new zones or launch a new game? Do not hesitate to let us know:


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