Generally speaking, the operation of ModelTab is very intuitive and does not require particular knowledge. Thus, we are going to browse through quickly the various possibilities and performances of ModelTab.

To connect on your ModelTab space, visit, provide your username and password, then click Login.

Space management (dashboard)

You arrive on your management space called 'Dashboard', which allows you to manage your ModelTab account and your public profile published on the internet called 'eBOOK'.

At the top left of your Dashboard, where your Main photo appears. If you see a grey rectangle, click on it and select your Main Photo.

Choosing Your Main Photo is important because this photo will be your image on ModelTab. In the absence of your main photo, your profile will not appear on ModelTab.

Your Dashboard consists of 3 parts:
1) the top part, which displays your Username, Sir name, First name, your Main Photo and the summary of your personal statistics on ModelTab
2) a navigation column on the left, with all Dashboard functions
3) a lower part divided into 9 grey and white square spaces

9 spaces of the Dashboard:


JOBS space allows you to consult the offers of CASTINGS and PHOTO SHOOTS. If you have a Photographer or Agency account, it enables you to organize CASTINGS and PHOTO SHOOTS.

To organize and consult the offers of castings and photo shoots, simply select your choice in the "JOBS" space of your DashBoard.


The eBOOK space allows you to see what others see when they view your public profile or eBOOK. Your pictures are displayed (up to 10 photos), and your main photo is highlighted. The information displayed are the ones you have previously provided in the Public INFO space.

  eBOOK: 8 action buttons

1) By clicking on the "I'm fan" button, you become a fan of a member of ModelTab, whether they be a model, photographer or fashion agency/professional.

2) The "BE FRIENDS" button allows you to become friends with a member of ModelTab.

3) The "CONTACT" button allows you to send a message to a member of ModelTab. This message arrives in his/her ModelTab Messaging.

4) The "Share on Facebook" button allows you to easily share your eBOOK on your Facebook account. Your Facebook friends can then view your eBOOK (perhaps your friends will promote your eBook by clicking "I'm a fan").

5, 6 and 7) These 3 buttons Facebook, Pinterest et Tumblr allow the ModelTab WALL on these networks.

8) The button "Register with this Sponsor" allows you to invite your friend(s) and family to join ModelTab and enjoy the benefits of being Sponsors (see below)


The INFO space is used to enter your Public and Private INFOS.

In the "INFO" area, click successively on "My Public Info" and "My Private Info" and fill out as much information as possible.

Please note:
1) The INFO area is often overlooked by new members. It certainly is the most important space in ModelTab. In fact, the information you provide in PUBLIC INFO will constitute the fundamentals of your Public Profile (or eBOOK). It will allow you to appear in different order in the Search. For example, if you have green eyes and you have not key in this info, a professional who look for a model with green eyes will not be able to see your profile in his/her search.
2) Your Private INFO are kept strictly confidential in accordance with ModelTab privacy policy and will not be published on the internet.
3) Filling in your INFO also gives you reputation points.


The PHOTOS space allows you to manage, add or delete your photos. Your photo space can contain up to 10 photos.

To modify or add photos, simply select the photo of your choice in "PHOTOS" on your DashBoard.


The REPUTATION space, lets you track your own progress, your ModelTab statistics (number of Fans, Friends, Share on Facebook, Battles won, successful sponsorship, etc.) and the progress of your reputation.

Understanding Reputation and Become SPONSOR )


When you have created your account, a Modeltab email will be given to you, in the form of

The MESSAGES space allows you to receive messages from members of ModelTab, internet users or professionals, and to reply to the messages directly. Connect regularly to get your messages!


The FRIENDS space allow you to follow your friends on ModelTab.

It is simple to make friends on ModelTab. Go through the eBOOKs of other models, photographers or agencies/fashion professionals, click on the "Be Friend" button when the profile pleases you. An invitation "Be Friend" is then sent to him/her.

Similarly, click regularly in the "New Friends" space, to see the invitations that you receive to become a friend.

The FANS space allows you to follow your Fans on ModelTab.

In this space, follow your fans, the increase in their numbers, their location in the world, and increase your reputation.


The FACEBOOK space allows you to track ModelTab's community on this network.

In this space, get in touch with your Community Mnanager, or joint the NEXT FACE and/or the BLACK FACE groups.



You wish to contact ModelTab? Send us your message by email stating your First name, your Sir name and Username :


You have an idea to improve our services, create new zones or launch a new game? Do not hesitate to let us know:


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