Is ModelTab a modeling agency?

Our web agency's founding principle: the complete freedom of our models. On this basis, ModelTab does not intend to supervise or mentor the careers of its models. Models remain completely free and responsible of their choices. Therefore, ModelTab is not a modeling agency, and takes no commission or fee from the professional activities of its members.

Can ModelTab guarantee that I find jobs or sign with a modeling agency?

ModelTab gives no assurance that you will find a job or be noticed by an agency or a talent scout. In fact, beginning a carrier in modeling depends exclusively on the model’s measurements, its photogenic qualities, the current standards of beauty which are in constant evolution with the needs of the professionals.

How much does registration cost at ModelTab?

ModelTab is and will remain forever a free service. Following the spirit of their founders, all of the above benefits will remain free for the ModelTab community.

ModelTab is also a world without advertising. Its founders believe that ModelTab is and must remain a preserved area of any visual pollution (ad, ad insert, pop-up advertising, etc.), in order to value most: you.

For these reasons, and in order to find the necessary resources for its development, ModelTab also offers extension Packs to its' members, which allow them for a few bucks to improve their visibility or to extend their services on ModelTab. In order to respect the free access to ModelTab, these Packs are also offered free of charge to the members who show a real personal investment in ModelTab.

What is a ModelTab PACK?

ModelTab is first of all, free. However, to continue to develop, offers ModelTab members who wish, service extensions to the map, the ModelTab Packs, which allow small price improvements in terms of visibility and functionality. For the sake of justice but above all free, dear to ModelTab, members can also activate these packages for free, under certain conditions.

Afford a ModelTab Pack is also supporting ModelTab's ambition to offer a free world, without publicity, to serve all. You can see these packs through your DashBoard.

How are models ranked in the ModelTab search engine ?

The ranking of ModelTab is based on the number of Reputation points each model / photographer acquired. Therefore, the more your Reputation point is, the better you are placed in the search results as well as in other ModelTab postings.

What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is your personal space on ModelTab, which allows you to manage your account and to have full control over your public profile published on the Internet, called "eBOOK".

What is the eBOOK on ModelTab?

The primary function of ModelTab is to expose your profile throughout the ModelTab Community and on the internet. The eBOOK is your public profile, managed and published by you through your management Space on ModelTab.

How to join the ModelTab WALL or be selected for a ModelTab publication on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr?

The models chosen to be published by ModelTab and thus join the WALL as well as ModelTab spaces on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr, are selected each month by the ModelTab team. Once selected, the models are contacted directly by email or through their Facebook account in order to obtain the required authorizations (model / photographer) and go ahead with the project.

It is not possible to apply to join the WALL of ModelTab.

How does Reputation works on ModelTab?

Reputation on ModelTab reflects your motivation to live your passion, your commitment level in our web agency and your power of attraction.

With a strong reputation, you will have more exposure and be seen by professionals (fashion houses, designers, stylists, make-up artist, etc.), modeling agencies, photographers and the public. Therefore, you increase significantly your chances to find jobs or to sign with a modeling agency.

Your Reputation Points is prompted on your Dashboard. Follow your reputation, improve it and become remarkable. (See page "Understanding Reputation" ).

What is Sponsorship on ModelTab?

ModelTab offers you the opportunity to become a sponsor by inviting a friend or an acquaintance to join us.

Nothing is more simple: just ask this person to register on ModelTab through your Public Profile page online, by clicking on the link "Join with this sponsor".

Once the registration process is complete, you become his/her sponsor, which then entitles you to enjoy various benefits. (See page "Sponsor a member" ).

What is a BUZZ on ModelTab?

ModelTab offers you the opportunity to launch a campaign to promote your Public Profile - a BUZZ - to increase your visibility. The more visibility, you multiply your chances of being noticed and to find jobs or sign contracts. In addition, you benefit multiple bonuses. BUZZ is ons of the PACKS of ModelTab.

Advices for photo format on ModelTab

The ModelTab photo management system displays all picture formats commonly used (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc). If you experience any difficulties in displaying any of your photos on your Public Profile, this is usually due to the fact that the name of your picture file contains special characters (e.g. #, &, §, _, @ , $).

If this is the case, you just need to change the name of the photo file from your computer (letters and / or numbers only), and then on to your ModelTab management space (Pictures "Add / Edit") to remove the relevant picture and add it again by selecting the renamed file.

Some of my photos were removed

ModelTab reserves the right, at any time, not to display photos that could harm its image or that violate its Terms of Use. Example of photos that may be removed:
- Photos of holidays or photos taken by webcam,
- Blurry pictures or of poor quality,
- Photos that are vulgar, obscene or likely to offend the public.

What are the rules on ModelTab?

Please read the General Terms and Conditions of Use of ModelTab



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